Date night!

The husband dragged me out of the house for Date Night, a few weeks ago. We were going somewhere nice, so I figured I’d step it up a little bit. Nothing crazy, but anytime I get to sit down and have a meal without simultaneously feeding someone else and answering a million tiny questions it’s CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION!!!! 

How cute is this embroidered skirt from Amazon? I got it for under $20 and there are 8ish different styles and colors to choose from. Prices vary depending on which size you get. The quality is amazing and the colors are absolutely beautiful! I’m getting it in white, as well! 

This v-neck bodysuit goes perfectly with the skirt and is so comfortable. This, too, was under $20 and has multiple colors to choose from! 

I included links for all of my bangles and my watch even though you can’t really see them! I LOVE the Cartier knockoff! The real deal would cost as much as $6,000!!!! Yes, you read that correctly, $6,000. This knockoff is around $20 and comes with the little screwdriver and even says “Cartier” on the inside of the bracelet. It comes in silver, rose gold, and gold. I wear these almost everyday!!

My purse is from Red Dress Boutique, and there is currently a waiting list for it, so I’ll link it below if you’d like to get in line to snag one!

I’m always wearing these Gucci dupe sunnies, so I will link them yet again. 

Shop the look by using the links below:

Embroidered skirt in New Black-


Bangles and watch-



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