Quilted Fleece Pullover

I’m finally starting to feel somewhat human again after fighting a nasty cold and completely losing my voice this last weekend. Definitely didn’t brush my hair today so baseball hat it is, and concealer and lipstick are my best friend as I only got about 2 hours of sleep last night with this annoying cough! BLEH! Staying comfy and getting rest between bustling the kiddos around throughout the day was my one and only goal!

If it isn’t obvious by now, I have a slight obsession with 2 tone, fleece quilted pullovers. These are such good quality and are so soft, warm, and cozy, that I just can’t help but want to buy one in each color! I have the Abercrombie pullover in black and these are identical! The A&F sweatshirt runs around $68 (on sale right now for $51) and the Amazon pullover is just as soft and half the price on Amazon Prime! Also, it comes in 6 different colors! The lighting is funky in this picture but this is the white/olive green combo!

Check out all the outfit deets by clicking the links below!

Fleece Pullover

Adidas Leggings

NY Yankees Hat

Slip-On Sneakers


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