Beanies, glasses, and hair….OH MY!

I’m pretty sure I’ve worn a beanie for the last week, but they’re just too cute and go with every outfit! You can get 2 for around $18 on Amazon Prime or 1 for around $10 and they come in several different colors! So cute with the pom on top!

Justin and I still love our blue light blocking glasses! We wear them everyday as we both work on computers most of the day, but they’re super cute to wear even when you’re not using a device! They’re super affordable and also come in different styles!

I curled my hair with my favorite wand ever and this is a day after I curled it!! I used the 25mm titanium wand from L’ange! If your hair doesn’t hold a curl, then you need to get your hands on this wand. I will go 3-4 days without washing my hair (this is why I love hats and beanies) and my hair still has curls! It’s the BEST!! I also love the Marula Oil for the ends of my hair to keep them looking healthy and shiny! Add these to your Christmas wish list or gift them to someone special!


Blue Light Blocking Glasses (Leopard)

Spanx Leggings

L’ange Hair Wand– 25mm Titanium Wand

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